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Kardinia Clydesdale Stud

Sinclair Road, Tongala 3621

Kardinia Clydesdales

since 1966


Currently we have 2 stallions at stud residing at Kardinia Clydesdale Stud. Kardinia Paterson's Pride and Rosbercon Scotsman are CCHS registered with impressive imported and Australian bloodlines. Both are great natured boys with excellent pedigree.

Kardinia Paterson's Pride

- Valmont Gallant Lad

Hillside Lorton Legend

Valmont Marina

Kardinia Paterson's Pride

CCHS 8957

- Rosbercon Bridgette Bardot

Headowork Tulloes High Flyer

Narioka Fair Chance

Rosbercon Scotsman

- Headowork Tulloes High Flyer

Collessie Cut Above

Craighead Queen of Scots

Rosbercon Scotsman

CCHS 8308

- Blueton Millenium Lady

Greendykes Footprint

Ploughlands Migionette