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Kardinia Clydesdale Stud

Sinclair Road, Tongala 3621

Kardinia Clydesdales

since 1966

Paddy The Bucket Baby - Children's Book

Follow the true story of Kardinia Paterson's Pride (Paddy).

Paddy was born in 2012 at Kardinia Clydesdale Stud, unable to drink from his mother but fought the odds of survival and was hand reared from a bucket.

Paddy has grown into a handsome young stallion and in celebration of all the hard work raising Paddy, Junita has written a children's book about Paddy titled 'Paddy The Bucket Baby'.

It is full of bright coloured illustrations and an easy to read story that will delight the youngest of children as a read to me book or a simple story for the beginning reader making it suitable as a children's book for all ages. If you love Clydesdales or know that little someone who does then you will love 'Paddy The Bucket Baby'.

Please enquire via our contact page to purchase